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We have had a very long, emotional journey to get to Oakstone. We went to schools and had teachers who were as unprepared as we were to handle our son. There were so many tears, sleepless nights, anxiety, and don't get me started on the meltdowns. If you've ever watched your child truly struggle, you know what feelings I'm talking about.

We were given Oakstone's Superintendent’s name and encouraged to talk to her. I cannot really begin to express how very, very different this meeting was compared to other school meetings. Even without an official diagnosis (don't worry we have one now), Mrs. Kronewetter accepted Sean, not just to the school but really accepted who he was.


My husband and I cried right there. The relief we felt not only for our son but for us as well.  Sean joined OCS as an 8th grader. He went from a failing, angry young boy to an amazing you man with a 3.9 - 4.0 GPA!!  We went from daily, all day long meltdowns and angry blackouts to none!! My child has grown and changed, he's better prepared for life.


He would not have made it without OCS. I truly believe that these people in this school are magical.  My son can function!! He's actually able to be himself, he's made friends, he's able to cope with everyday life!!  My son has a chance at college and a job. We were so lost before Oakstone. They have all changed my son, my family forever!

— Malinda Fairweather, Columbus, Ohio

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