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Student Drop Off & Pick Up 

Drop Off

Monday - Friday   8:50 - 9:00 am


*school begins at 9:00 am


Pick Up


Monday - Thursday 3:35 pm 

Friday 1:35 pm   

Please note that parents, guardians, providers, etc. may NOT wait in line to pick up a student prior to 3:25 pm due to safety and traffic build up. If you arrive prior to 3:25 you will be requested to park or come in and sign your student out as an early dismissal. On Friday, this time is 1:25 pm.  

This will be strictly enforced.                                  


OCS does not provide transportation to and/or from the school. Students who choose to attend OCS must utilize the following transportation methods:

  • Parent/Guardian/Provider  

  • COTA mainstream 

  • Private transportation company

  • Home District transportation (under 30 miles and/or 30 minutes to OCS)

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