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School Closing Notifications

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding school delays and closures due to inclement weather or other unforeseen factors. Please take a moment to read the information. If you have any additional questions about our procedures, please call (614) 458-1085.

How many calamity days are districts allowed this year?

When the State of Ohio switched to required school hours instead of required school days, they also dispensed with calamity day allotments for Ohio schools.​

When is the decision to delay or cancel school made?

As early as possible. Usually, the decision to delay or cancel school will be made no later than 6:30 am. If weather conditions warrant, the decision may be made the night before. We do not make decisions to cancel school based upon a forecast or another school district.


Where should parents check to see if school is delayed or canceled?

As soon as a decision is made, the OCS will notify local TV and radio stations and should air by 7:00 am on WCMH-4, WSYX-6, WBNS-10, and WTTE-Fox 28.  We will also notify parents using our automated calling system using the telephone numbers provided by you through RenWeb. Therefore, it is your responsibility as parent or legal guardian to verify those numbers are correct. 


What factors are taken into consideration when making the decision to delay or cancel school? 

Student safety is the ultimate factor in determining whether school needs to be delayed or canceled. Therefore, adverse driving conditions may be present in one part of the Columbus area, while roads are just fine in other parts. The timing of a storm may also be an issue. 

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