Classroom Spotlights


Mr Adam

Modern World History: We are currently studying the International Conditions at the beginning of the 20th century that would lead to WWI.  This quarter we will focus on WWI, The Great Depression and historical figures of the time.

Social Studies: Students are currently working on a project about the 20 largest cities in the USA.  Each student is researching a city and making a poster about their city.  When complete the students will present their information to the class.

Government: Students are learning about the Judicial system of the United States.  

College Prep: Students are currently learning about skills that will help them prepare for test taking.   


Ms Caitlyn

I teach General English to many of the students in our school. Across all English classes that I teach, we work on studying novels in order to better understand literature. We learn about different literature and writing concepts as we study the novels so that we can better understand the books and the concepts both apart and together. We work on applying our writing skills in our literature classes by focusing on connecting the texts to our own lives through journal prompts and class discussion.


Every class is always working on something different to make sure that each student is being challenged appropriately to further develop their reading and writing abilities.


Ms Cara and Miss MyKayla

In classroom 301, we are working really hard! We have been learning about slides, flips, and turns in geometry. This semester we have also started to read the novel, James in the Giant Peach. In science we are learning about forces, such as, push, pull, magnetic fields, and gravitational pulls. In social studies, we are learning about the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement.



Mr Josh

The elementary group at OCS has started their second novel of the year! We are now reading Space Case, a murder mystery novel that takes place on the moon. In math we have started working on our first set of Algebra concepts as well. In social studies we are wrapping up our study of ancient civilizations in the Eastern Hemisphere.


Miss Tara

High school students are learning about shading and the artist Stephen Wiltshire. They chose their own building to create and worked on shading to create depth on their building.


Middle school students are learning about the artist Chris Uphues and his Pop Art. They studied the different expressions and emotions that he creates on his art and then recreated those for their own work. The students also experimented with different types of media by using four different kinds on their own artwork.


Up next, the students will be creating Pixel Art. They are excited to learn how to use their Chromebooks for this type of art! 


Mr Zane

Physical Education classes will allow students learn a variety of games and skills, creating a fun and sustainable *healthy* lifestyle. Students will improve their physical fitness through yoga instruction and various stations, utilizing body weight movements, resistance bands/weights and technology (Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii).


While in the Health classroom, students will gain a better understanding of all three aspects of health (physical, mental/emotional, and social); focusing on personal hygiene, nutrition, building appropriate relationships, communicating and much more.