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Classroom Spotlights

Mr Adam  

In American Government the class is learning about the fundamentals of the US Constitution and the structure of Government.


In Modern American History the class is learning about the challenges that faced the nation after the Civil War and the difficulties of Reconstruction. 

Mr Zach

Middle School Social Studies:

In Social Studies, our Middle Schoolers are finishing up learning about the American Revolutionary War and the ideals and revolutionaries that helped to form this great nation. Once we complete our chapter over the American Revolution, we will be learning about the American Constitution and how our government functions. During this chapter, our students will be completing a class election/mock government project. The class will be split into two groups and hone their skills in research, debate, and cooperation in order to win their election and create a successful classroom government! This project teaches our students the values of our democracy and how our government operates in a fun and engaging way!


High School World History: 

Our Freshman are currently learning about Western colonization in Asia and Africa during the 19th and 20th centuries. They will learn the reasoning behind European colonization and how the competition for new colonies helped to spark the First World War. 


History In Film:

Our film students are currently perfecting their writing skills as well as their discussion and debating skills utilizing short films and television episodes. Students are working on understanding the meaning and messaging behind different films and participating in classroom discussion and debates over what each student takes from the films they have watched. In their writing, we are working on basic skills to perfect and enhance their writing abilities using opinion based short essays over the films we have watched.  



Our geography class is wrapping up their first project based on Latin America. After our students give their presentations over their assigned Latin American nation, they will have the choice of getting to learn about one of the following continents: Africa, Asia, or Europe. Regardless of which continent is selected, they will learn about the different geography of the region, about the people and their unique cultures, and each student will be assigned a nation to research on. These projects help our students learn about new and exciting places and helps them to learn a little more about the amazing world they live in.


Ms Caitlyn

ENG11/12: Students in English 11/12 are currently reading A Wrinkle in Time. While reading we are working on recognizing when words appear in the text that they don't know and then creating their own vocabulary lists from that to work on learning the unfamiliar words. Also while reading, we are working on comprehension questions and going back into the book to find the answers.


ENG 9/10: Students in English 9/10 are currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird. While reading we are answering discussion questions and then going back to find answers to comprehension questions to prove their answers correct. Students in this class are also working on recognizing unfamiliar words which are then used to make their own vocabulary lists to learn higher level words. Students will soon be working on pulling key points from each chapter in order to create an objective summary of the text.  As we move through the novel, the students will learn about racism and prejudice as well as historical occurrences of these and how it shaped some of our laws today. 


MS Language Arts: Students in this class finished an opinion writing project last quarter. They learned how to format a written opinion piece with supporting points and explanations. This quarter these students are working on narrative writing. Learning the different parts of a plot and how it applies to known stories first before they will eventually create their own narrative. When creating their own narrative the students will apply their knowledge of plot hills to create their stories.


Ms. Katie

Music Exploration is an extra-curricular class created to teach high school students about the music and composers of western music history from 450 A.D to the 20th century. Over the semester we will focus on the growth and evolution of classical music. We will also explore music from West Africa and Ireland. This class is focused on learning the history of music in these regions and how music came to be the way it is today!

Mr. Aaron

In Algebra, we are exploring ratios and proportions through real-life applications. We started by relating the practice of simplifying fractions to the process of generating equivalent ratios. We will soon begin to graph these ratios on the coordinate plane in order to calculate slope and identify unit rates.


In Intervention Geometry, we are currently reviewing problem-solving strategies to help get us ready for our next unit: Surface Area. Students have been exploring a wide range of 2D geometric forms, calculating perimeter and area for quadrilaterals, triangles and irregular shapes. We will soon begin to apply these strategies to more complex three-dimensional forms.


In Geometry class, we are beginning our unit on transversals and parallel lines. Students have been diligently working to solve equations for line-segments and angle relationships, displaying an overall understanding of advanced algebraic functions. We will be applying these strategies in analyzing transversals and writing equations to solve more complex problems.


In Transition Math, we are taking a break from our financial algebra units to focus on career exploration. Students have been researching jobs based on their interest survey, and we will soon be drafting resumes and cover letters for prospective job opportunities. This unit will culminate in each student creating and presenting a career exploration slideshow.


Ms Ariana

Room 300 has been doing amazing and learning so many new things. We just started our Measurement and Data Unit in math. Small groups are measuring, comparing attributes, and working on word problems. In Reading/ Language Arts, we are doing word and vocabulary work. We also just finished our unit on Healthy Habits. On Fridays, we are continuing to switch off playing games and making recipes. All of our students have loved participating in these!  This quarter we have switched from art to music and movement.  We are looking forward to a great rest of the year! .  


Miss Shelby

This quarter in Ms Shelby’s Room we covered many topics. In reading, the students continue to work hard at practicing their letter sounds and reading comprehension. In math we have covered probability, <>= and solving equations using models. In vocational class we have been talking about winter safety and staying healthy. In science class we are coming close to wrapping up our life science curriculum, focusing on endangered species, the food chain and habitats. In Social Studies we have moved through WW2 and the Civil Rights Movement. We are moving onto technology post WW2 and doing presentations about The Space Race. The students are also looking forward to their monthly Kroger trip to shop for culinary ingredients and their Quarterly Trip which will be to the Library and out to lunch!

Miss Tara

Elementary and Middle School Art are learning about the Elements of Art and different artists that utilize them. So far we learned about Line and created portraits using them and also painted color wheel eyes.


In journalism, students work hard each month creating the Tiger Times Newsletter and Broadcast. They come up with all of the ideas and work together to create each segment and edit it together. 



Mr Marty

In PE the students have been working on building big strong muscles. They have been doing this through fitness stations like battle rope slams, chest press, squats and much more. The students have also been working on different yoga poses to build a more flexible body.  Specific skills related to ball handling have been taught through participating in soccer, basketball and baseball.


In Health, the students have been learning new vocabulary words (health, wellness, behavior, social, mental/emotional and physical health, and habits). The students have learned the "Health Triangle" and having a balanced healthy life. We have started to dig deeper into mental health and understanding how we can take care of our mental health.


Miss Chelsea

In the elementary/early middle school, we are learning: 

Language Arts: Narrative and Informative writing


Novel Study: We have two groups. One group is reading A Wrinkle in Time, and the second group is reading Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief.

Math: The math ladders group is working on Operations and Algebraic Thinking; 6th graders are working on Expressions and Equations and our 7th grader is working on Equations and Inequalities


Science: We are currently working on our Metabolism Internship, after Metabolism we will be learning about Earth's Changing Climate.

Social Studies: We are studying different religions and the Age of Exploration and Trade.

Ms Desi

In vocational class we are working on becoming independent by doing jobs around the classroom, writing a basic resume, and working on independent living skills. We will be working on various things to help the students become more independent in their home environment as well as the classroom environment. 


In American History class we are working on learning how our government works. We are learning these concepts through role play as well as connecting the concepts through familiar things in their life. 


In biology we are learning about molecules, cells and what biology is. The students are learning these concepts through projects and through questions of the day.


In Middle school science we are learning about the Earth and how the Earth revolves around the sun. Students are working on projects and presenting them to their classmates so they can gain a better understanding of what they are learning.

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