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OCS Board meetings normally occur at 6:00PM on the fourth Wednesday of each month, subject to change by board resolution.

Finance Committee meetings normally occur at 5:30PM on the date of the board meeting.

Curriculum and Accountability Committee meetings normally occur monthly with notice published below.


All meetings are held at 5747 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus Ohio.

*Fourth Wednesday of Each Month. Dates subject to change by board resolution.

**Minutes not available

Minutes from a meeting are approved at the next month’s meeting. If the board or committee does not meet, then the minutes will be approved as the next meeting when scheduled.

Board Review = The Finance Committee met as a Committee of the Whole during the Regular Board Meeting. Minutes can be found under the corresponding month’s regular meeting minutes.

November’s & December’s Meetings are typically held jointly in early December due to the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays.


Contact Heather Kronewetter ( to subscribe to meeting notifications.

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