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After Graduation

As a middle school or high school student, you’re probably thinking about the future and what comes next. You’ve got many important decisions ahead of you. What are you going to do after graduation? What are you going to study in college? What do you want to do with your life? These are just a few of the many questions students face. Finding the answers begins with choosing a satisfying career. Please use the free resources below to help you on this career path!

OhioMeansJobs K-12


    An exciting, robust online tool which guides you through job and career exploration based on your interests. It is a no-cost career planning resource that focuses on opportunities available in Ohio.


   It allows you to fill a backpack designed just for you. The “Explore It” menu includes a profile of your interests, career information, a plan and a budget for education and training, possible occupations, potential salaries, resume and job searches.

My Next Move


   My Next Move is an interactive tool for job seekers and students to learn more about their career options. My Next Move has tasks, skills, salary information, and more for over 900 different careers. Users can find careers through keyword search; by browsing industries that employ different types of workers; or through the O*NET Interest Profiler, a tool that offers personalized career suggestions based on a person's interests and level of work experience.



   In order to turn students' college dreams into action-oriented goals, KnowHow2GO campaign is encouraging young people, primarily those in 8th through 10th grade, to prepare for college using four simple steps.

  1. Be a pain. Let everyone know that you're going to college and need their help.

  2. Push yourself. Working a little harder today will make getting into college even easier.

  3. Find the right fit. Find out what kind of school is the best match for you and your career goals.

  4. Put your hands on some cash. If you think you can't afford college, think again. There's lots of aid out there.

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