Sponsor Information

Why does OCS need a Sponsor?

A community school is a public school created in Ohio law, independent of any school district and part of the state’s education program. Community schools (often called “charter schools” in other states) offer an education that is regarded as equivalent to that of Ohio’s traditional public schools and private schools approved by the Ohio Department of Education. Community schools are public nonprofit, nonsectarian schools that operate independently of any school district but under a contract with an authorized sponsoring entity that is established by statute or approved by the Ohio Department of Education.

What is the responsibility of the Sponsor?

The sponsor has legal obligations to provide sufficient technical assistance, oversight and monitoring, including taking steps to intervene in a school’s operations, to ensure that the community school it sponsors meets all legally mandated fiscal, academic and operational requirements. 

Who is our Sponsor?

Oakstone Community School is sponsored by the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio (ESCCO). 


Sophia Speelman - Community School Coordinator



Educational Service Center of Central Ohio (ESCCO)

2080 Citygate Drive

Columbus, OH 43219

Sponsor Annual Reports

2018-19 ESCCO Annual Report (.rtf)

2017-18 ESCCO Annual Report (.rtf)

2016-17 ESCCO Annual Report (.rtf)

Sponsor Ratings

2018-19 ESCCO Sponsor Rating (.rtf

2017-18 ESCCO Sponsor Rating (.rtf)

2016-17 ESCCO Sponsor Rating (.rtf)

2015-16 ESCCO Sponsor Rating (.rtf)

Sponsor-OCS Contracts

ESCCO-OCS 2019-22 Sponsorship Contract (.rtf)

ESCCO-OCS 2019-22 Sponsorship Contract Exhibits I-VII (.rtf)

ESCCO-OCS 2017-19 Sponsorship Contract (.rtf)

ESCCO-OCS 2017-19 Sponsorship Contract Exhibits I-VI (.rtf)

ESCCO-OCS 2017-19 Sponsorship Contract Corrective Action Plan (.rtf)

Sponsor-OCS Renewal Applications

ESCCO-OCS Renewal Application for the 2019-22 Sponsorship Contract (.rtf)

ESCCO-OCS Renewal Application Scoring Matrix for the 2019-22 Sponsorship Contract (.rtf)